Saturday, September 12, 2009


Surfing the web you can find some incredible artwork. This one really captured my attention. It is so intricate and entertaining to look at, as well as attention holding. All the lines around the edges constantly draw you into this nest/ hair ball of lines and shapes in the center. As soon as your eye strays away from the center these horizontal lines draw your eye back around and into the center once more. The whole composition is very si-fi and surreal.
The way this is illustrated, I am so close and focused on this spider web that the scene around is blurred, I almost wish that there was another peice that went with this one in which they illistrated only the background scene and left the nest out of focus. Although I'm glad they didn't because it really sparks my curiosity and leaves me imagining the world that could live behind this scene.
The lines themselves are strong and clear yet I can imagine being able to swipe it all away with my hand if I had the desire to. This effect, I believe is created by the hair like lines, creating a more fragile look. The use of repetition of lines both vertical and horizontal combined with the use of negative space keeps my eye entertained, winding in and out and through the web moving my eye around the work of art and back to the place I began, over and over again. This circular use of line keeps me captivated. It is the same with photographs that move my eye around circularly, they keep me captivated because each time I circle around I see something new, and there are no corners in a circle so its much more difficult to escape continuing around again. The upper left hand corner would be the place to exit viewing and move on. The artist has put a rock right below there to draw your attention back around again. I could quite possibly stay captivated for hours. I already have for at least 30 minuets.
-Just Another Artist

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