Saturday, September 12, 2009


Looking around me I see many shapes and colors. There are many greens, browns and yellows. Rounded edges and many spaces under tables and chairs to explore. The ceiling is even entertaining to my eye. The day is over cast and it rained a bit last night. The pools of water on the concrete reflect light and the overcast skies diffuse my scene. From a photographic perspective this creates a very nice lighting situation in most places within this space. If was drawing this space it may prove to be a challenge for me. There are not many harsh shadows so I would have to take great care in separating light from dark because they are so similar in ratio, possibly a 1:3. In some places, such as the back of the seats of chairs that face away from the light it is a much higher ratio, about a 1:6, yet the light is still diffused and soft. The only difference this space has from the rest is that the darks are much darker due to the depth the chairs seat has that most other objects in the room do not contain. If I was to choose something to illustrate within this space it would be a chair in this light. A women wearing glasses just entered the room and sat down in the chair near the one I was just writing about. If I was to choose a subject now it would definetaly be this women. Her fair skin reflecs light very well and gives her glasses an extra sparkle. She must be in her early to mid 50's, the light wrinkles that give her face a much more interesting touch create wonderful crevices for light. This light is very flatering on her and somehow it makes her look much more professional and estudis. I wish I had remembered my camera in my purse while I was writing, I could have captured that well lit women.
-Just another artist

As I finished writing a younger women came and sat in the same place the older women sat. I got out my plastic panoramic, 35 mm. film point and shoot and sat patiently until my picture was complete, then captured them all, including the older women who had come back to sit behind the younger women. When I develop the film you will see.

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