Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PDN (Photo District News) Article of the Week-one

Noah Webb's Flip Book Music Video an article by David Walker

"The photographer assembled more then 4,500 still images and turned them into a stop-motion video." Using a total of 4,664 still images Noah Webb created a rather spectacular stop motion video for Sara Lov's music video "A Thousand Bees".

Watch the music video for "A Thousand Bees"

This was a 3 day shoot. "A little segment of 10 seconds would take two hours to shoot". There were 2 locations, the blue room is in the house of Lov's manager and the gray room is a room in Webb's home. This was a "bare bones operation" with a crew of 10 people and only little to no retouching afterwords, the way you view it is almost exact to how it was shot.

"I was inspired by Dadaisms, and mixed in some David Hockney, obiously, with the photo collage." With the use of stop motion Webb was able to bring both this Dada and Hockney style to life. This sureal world is fueled by this sort of glitchy, querky style created by stop motion.

Webb was able to create a filmic peice of work while creating for Lov a most interesting and inspiring music video. It was a small production with impresive results, and an over all success for all those involved.
-Just Another Artist

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