Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My impressions of school thus far are not very well developed I must say. Being a second year college student has already proven much more educational and experiential then my first. I feel as though I can finally call myself a photographer. I have been challenged by the usual things, such as my past issue with punctuality, but I have met it head on. I have been growning increasingly better at being a student. It is an amazing feeling completing goals you set out for yourself. I was challenged with illness last week, I have already not only caught up, but have gotten ahead within a short period of time. Working on my projects has never been more fun. I have been working on a large project outside of class assignments. Stop Motion Videos that's final title will be "All my Relations", a collection of stop motion movies that include familiar places, people and things that relate to my life. Sad Cookie is my first movie. I still need to work on it. When it is finished I will put it up.

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